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Cologero Gambino
b-1868 in Italy
Salvatrice DiMaggio ( Gambino )
b-1862 in Sicily, Italy
Francisco DiMaggio
b-1883 in Italy
Maria Grazia Gambino ( DiMaggio )
b-1881 in Toretta, Italy
Ferdinand (Felix) Frank DiMaggio
born 11/23/1907 in NYC
died 05/11/1971

- - - 
Buried Mt. Carmel Cemetary Tenafly, NJ
Died in Pennsylvania. Hear Attack
Place of residence in Italy: Camporeale, Trapani, Italy
Arrived in America on 12/09/13 aboard the ship Taormina, leaving from Naples, Campania, Italy. He came to back to America with his Aunt Michela Di Maggio Nasuto at the age of 6.

Name on the ship log Ferdinando DiMaggio, ethnicity, American

Spouse ~ Maria Altavilla
born 1908 in New York
married 1930
Mary Grace DiMaggio ( Knapich ), b-1931
      - Mary Grace Knapich (Mock) b-1969

Rose DiMaggio ( Dempewolf ), b-1936
      - Mary Margaret Dempewolf (Homerosky) b-1958
      - Theresa Ann Dempewolf (Hallihan) b-1960
      - Beth Ann Dempewolf b-1966

Frances DiMaggio ( Greaves ), b-1938
      - Ann Marie Frances Greaves (Rizzo) b-1960
      - Josiah Greaves b-1961
      - Susan Mary Greaves (Bihler) b-1963
      - Steven Ferdinand Greaves b-1966
      - Edward Albert Greaves b-1970

Frank Ferdinand DiMaggio, Sr., b-1939
      - Frank Ferdinand DiMaggio, Jr. b-1965
      - Debra Ann DiMaggio b-1966
      - Michael John DiMaggio b-1969

Josephine Antoinette DiMaggio ( Draper ), b-1944
      - Michael Allan Draper b-1968
      - Lisa Marie Draper (Gilman) b-1970

Joseph DiMaggio, b-1949
      - Sandra Rose (Rosie) DiMaggio (Wallis) b-1976
      - John Michael DiMaggio b-1978
      - Joseph Paul (JP) DiMaggio b-1980
      - Dominic Ferdinand DiMaggio b-1982
      - Elizabeth Frances (Liz) DiMaggio (London) b-1985

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