Carol Ann Trachte
 1938 - 2003
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In Memorial

In Memorial
Carol Ann Trachte Zucconi

1938 -2003


Petals of brilliant gold 
on black porcelain 
stunned your eye, 
stole your heart. 
The vase came from 
the land of the rising sun 
where new days are born. 
For many years it rested 
near our window, glinting 
in fading sunlight until 
day was no more. 
Those brilliant flowers 
light the dark now, 
enclose your ashes 
in endless day. 
Rest easy, my love.

George Zucconi
Her place is the one right in front
of the poinsettia plant.
The view is looking west, and the Pacific Ocean is in the background. The site is on a headland 400
feet above sea level with San Diego Bay and a view of the city to the east.

Carol's ashes in the vase are there. 

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