About me...

     I'm Liz. Obviously.  I'm the bottom child of the DiMaggio 5.  Because the rest of the kids are in college, I'm basically the only child at home. : )
 The Stats: 
Name: Elizabeth Frances DiMaggio 
Go by: Liz 
Age: 15 years old
Birthday: May 9, 1985
Grade: Sophmore 
School: Washington School (Greenville, Mississippi) 
 ^ ^ This is a photo taken last year of Trey Payne and me before the Ninth Grade Grad dance. 

> > Here I am before the 2000 Sub. Deb Christmas Dance.(My date was Ron Ron Cheng) 


Most of my hobbies include :

        * photography--I started this hobby about a year ago. My parents used to be into photography, so they have been helping with this endeavor.
        * colorguard--I am in the WS's marching band's colorguard, and was named captain this year, and also, I am a member of Southwind Drum and Bugle corps. 
        * dance--I have been taking jazz, tap and ballet off and on for about 4 years now at Debi Miller's
        *waterskiing--I am thankful to live on Lake Chicot where  waterskiing and jet skiing is second nature to most, and my family was taught to ski as soon as we could walk.