You only thought you destroyed these. Ah, the sweet smell of blackmail...

First, here's Josh-doing what he always does...And can it be? No hair to brush across his forehead? 
Next, we have Kimberly. Awww, how sweet  : )
This is a personal favorite, which I could not let slide - my own dear brother.  Nice, real nice, Dom
Another good one. My 6th grade class at St. Mary's Catholic school. There are a few recognizable faces here - Allan, Laura Lea, Me..
Yes, it's Jeff.  I think this one speaks for itself.
Wow. This picture of Michael says it all about Band camp that year. Skinhead. Well, Michael, if you do decide to cut of your golden locks again, just take a quick glance at this one. (and I"m not sure why his head is across his heart, maybe he's pledging allegiance, to what-who knows?)
Another Skinhead. Wow,

Ok, Well now that I have enjoyed looking back at all of you, I might as well suffer the same...please, hold back the laughter.


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