Poetry Collection
Send me the moon;
pour forth your light!
Shine all aronund me
and calm me this night.
Send me the stars;
twinkling their eyes.
Sooth all my pain,
please -  hear my cries!
Send me the clouds;
stretch down your arms.
Cloak me in your warmth
keep me from all harm.
Send me the heavens;
Be always in my presence.
Warm me with your love,
Fill me with your essence!
Weeping willow -
          weep no more,
                        lift high your fears,
                     dry all your tears.
Weeping willow -
                  your love will return,
                          hold your head high
                             there's no need to cry.
  Weeping willow -
                         the storm has now passed,
                                     there's nothing more to do,
                       for I am with you.
I look to the sea,
I see everthing.
Everything I once was,
everything I once wanted to be.
Everything has changed now,
without knowing why
without knowing how
it vanished before my eyes.
What happened to my life?
Where has it gone?
Every little dream, every hope -
it's gone.
I wanted to be happy,
I wanted to fly
but now I hold dearly to
every memory before I die.
Never knowing when,
never knowing where
Knowing only that it is coming
that it is there.
I look to the sea
and all at once I realize:
this is just exactly
where I wanted to be.
I stare into space,
blank is my expression.
Do I even exist?
Do I make an impression?

 more to come.....