Here are a few friends of mine...

Amy, Me, Alissa, Candace, Brad, Lauren, Priscilla, Josh, Charles, Allan, Meredith, Will, Taft
Photo taken at MPSA H.S. Honor Band
Ron Ron, Charles, Cory, David, Andrea, WIll, Tyler, Trey
Lauren, Anna, Candace, Me
Photo taken at officer camp 
Ron Ron....meditating?
Jeff and I at band camp 1998
Trey Payne with Shipley's donuts at officer camp
 Lauren and Candace
 1999 Washington School Concert Band at Washington DC
1997(I think) colorguard. 
Anna, Lindsey, Mary G, Beth, Me, Lauren, Andrea, Kimberly, Mari, Candice
Well, these guys are no longer around, but I figured I'd add a little more humor.
Nathan and Matthew yelling at each other.

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